A Man (Study for Four Fears)
oil and encaustic on canvas
20″ x 18″

What are your greatest fears?

loneliness     death     poverty     indecision     pollution     foreclosure     war     racism     crime     hopelessness     spiders     constricted spaces    rejection     old age     cancer          predatory bankers     clowns     rejection     snakes     heights     flying     doubt     the unknown     fire     thunder     failure     responsibility     water     injections     dentists          germs     honesty     crowds

What would these relationships look like? How many do you have?

A Man Study Sketch

Thumbnail sketch for Four Fears.  Lately, paintings usually begin with an idea caught in a small sketch like this.  A large painting (for me) is in progress pursuing this theme.

A Series Within a Series…

Within the new body of work, called Chronicle, is an ongoing series I am calling House on Stilts. These “House on Stilts” paintings share a similar format, except within the “house” of each painting a different scene plays out. They’re like still life paintings with different props.


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