• Feeling stale, stuck, or disconnected from your creative mojo?
• Do you wish you could devote uninterrupted time and focus to connect with your creative soul?
• Do you long for an inspirational place, inspirational people, and inspirational guidance to boost your creativity, your artistic productivity, and your joy in your creative work?

Join OPEN GATE: CREATIVE GETAWAYS in the South of France and fire up the joy in your creative world.

Who: Rick Deragon; Karen Nagano
What: A week-long workshop to develop, discover and renew your art
When: June 8 – June 16, 2014
Where: At Marance, a gite in the Dordogne region of France
Why: Sometimes it’s good to have nothing to do except your art.
How: Contact OPEN GATE, book your place, buy your airline tickets; rendezvous with Rick, Karen, and Nada Stone, owner and host of Marance; begin drawing and painting with one-on-one support and guidance and feedback


• landscape painting in beautiful Perigueux noir
• drawing and painting with close guidance and feedback from Rick Deragon and Karen Nagano
• freedom to use the medium of your choice—oils, watercolors, acrylics, or pastels
• visits to the Lascaux caves and other prehistoric caves, chateaux, and Roman ruins
• picnics by the river
• a bit of yoga, guided movement, canoeing, walks in the forest, or bicycling
• relax at your own pace
• life drawing sessions by the pool
• candlelit dinners, and discussions with fellow artists

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